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Warranty policy

Warranty is very important because at Su Casa we would like to make your customer experience as pleasant as possible. If you are experiencing problems with any products pleas read the policy below and choose the option that best suits your situation.


    1. CPA – Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008, as amended.

    2. Customer or “you”- the person purchasing the Goods from Su Casa, and includes the Customer’s representatives.

    3. Delivery – delivery of the Goods to the Customer or the collection of Goods by the Customer or the Customer’s agent and will include delivery in part.

    4. Deposit – the amount to be paid as stated on the Quote.

    5. Floor Stock – goods which Su Casa has displayed in a store as “floor stock” or “shop soiled goods” and sold at a discounted price.

    6. Goods – any new goods or Special-Order Goods which you purchase from Su Casa.

    7. NCA – the National Credit Act 34 of 2005, as amended.

    8. Quote – the written quotation provided by us in respect of the Goods you wish to purchase.

    9. Su Casa, “us”, “we” or “our” – Su Casa Designs (Pty) Ltd, trading as Su Casa, registration number 2016/443899/07, or its successors in title.

    10. Special-Order Goods – goods which Su Casa had to source, create or alter to specifically satisfy your requirements.

    11. Used Goods – goods which Su Casa has previously supplied to a customer and sold at a discounted price


    1. We’ll do our best to provide the measurements, dimensions and sizes of all our Goods. We will not replace or refund you your monies if the Goods do not fit into a room or through a door. You must make sure of all measurements and sizes before ordering the Goods.

    2. Characteristics and capabilities of the Goods will be substantially the same as advertised or displayed, but make no other warranties or representation in terms of the Goods.

    3. Natural materials, such as leather and wood have natural differences in colour (dye lots vary, grains vary) and natural “flaws” e.g. scars, scratches, scuff marks and cracks. You acknowledge that we cannot guarantee the uniformity in texture and colour of these materials. Some Goods are made from reclaimed and/or recycled materials and will therefore have markings, colour variations, scratches and dents. Goods may also have holes, nails and material caps due to the fact that materials have been recycled or reclaimed from their original use and are often hand crafted. These characteristics are not defects or signs of damage.

    4. If the subject matter of the sale is the particular product that is Floor stock on display in the Su Casa showroom as viewed by the customer. The product is sold to the customer in the specific condition in which it is and the customer agrees to accept the relevant product in that condition.


    1. Customers are allowed to inspect the Goods thoroughly immediately upon receiving the Goods.

    2. The customer has the right to refuse delivery of any product that is visibly damaged on delivery.

    3. If damage to a product/s only becomes apparent after delivery, it is the responsibility of the customer to report the damage to us within 48 hours.

    4. If any goods delivered by us are found to be unsuitable for the intended proposes. The customer should communicate to us by way of written notice within 10 days after delivery.

    5. Should you fail to notify us, in writing, of any claim you may have in terms hereof within the specified periods, you will have waived your claim.

    6. The Customer or the person taking Delivery on your behalf will be required to sign proof of delivery (POD). Unless indicated to the contrary on the POD or reported in writing to us, within 48 hours days of Delivery, it is deemed that the Goods have been delivered and received in good condition and, where appropriate, in accordance with the customer’s specifications.


    1. Customers or persons collecting their products must produce the original invoice or delivery note in order for Su Casa to release the product. The person producing the original invoice shall be deemed to be the duly authorised agent of the customer. Unless indicated to the contrary on the collection note it is deemed that the product has been collected and received in good condition and, where appropriate in accordance with the customer’s specifications.

    2. Su Casa will not in any way be liable for damage that may occur after the products have been handed to the customer. Or the person collecting on behalf of the customer or during the loading and conveyance thereof. It’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure that a suitable collection vehicle is utilised in order to accommodate the size of the product in an upright position and that it is loaded and secure to prevent damage.

    3. The customer is also responsible for supplying the necessary consumables e.g. rope and blankets to stabilise the product during transportation.


    1. The Goods are to be used for the purpose and in the manner for which they were designed. The care and maintenance advice supplied with the Goods must be read and followed. Su Casa will accept no responsibility for any damages caused by cleaning if the care and maintenance instructions have not been followed.


    We warrant that Goods, excluding Used Goods and shop-soiled Goods, will be free from apparent defects and will be of the quality you would reasonably be entitled to expect from new or Special-Order Goods.


    1. Subject to our Sales Terms and Conditions, all Goods carry an implied warranty in accordance with the CPA which gives the Customer the right to return unsafe and defective Goods in terms of section 20 read with section 56 of the CPA.

    2. If Goods are found to be defective within the first 6 months from the date of delivery. Depending on the validity of the claim, we will arrange to collect the product(s) (if delivered by Su Casa via our delivery service), or for the product to be returned to us for inspection (if collected by the customer).

    3. Once the goods have been received our quality control department will inspect them. This can take up to 7 working days.

    4. Please note that we may have to first return the Goods to the manufacturer, supplier or service provider. This is to confirm hardware or manufacturer’s fault and to eliminate any Customer induced damage. This can increase the time it takes to inspect referred to above.

    5. Should we find the goods defective the Customer may return the Goods for repair, replacement or a refund of the Price paid for the Goods at the time of purchase.


    1. Upholstered furniture is warranted for a further period of 18 months (i.e. 24 months from date of delivery/collection) in respect of the internal frame construction only (i.e. The wooden frame on the inside of upholstered furniture).

    2. In line with most worldwide upholstery manufacturers. This additional warranty period does not extend to cushioning, stitching, recliner or headrest mechanism, suspension, fabric or leather used to upholster the product as these are subject to wear and tear associated with use. Furthermore, usage and treatment in the customer’s environment is beyond our control and maintenance vary from consumer to consumer.


    1. We advise the customer that softening of cushioning should be expected as a result of normal use and is not to be confused with loss of resiliency due to defects in constructions or materials.

    2. Inevitably some fabrics and all leathers do stretch with usage. This is not a design flaw but a characteristic of the material used and the design of the suite. The fabric and leather will eventually loosen and relax to give your suite that “matured”, comfortable “lived in” lifestyle look. From batch to batch, colour variation may occur. Su Casa cannot guarantee an exact dye-batch match with repeat or add-on orders;

    3. The following is not covered under this warranty:

      1. “Floor Stock” or “shop soiled goods” in which the customer agreed to purchase that relevant product in the specific condition in which it is / was.

      2. Damage caused by or resulting from:

        1. Negligence, misuse and abuse by the customer (including but not limited to improper maintenance – referred to as ‘dressing’, exposure to water, direct sunlight, coastal air, chemicals, accidents, any use for which the product was not designed for)

        2. fair or ordinary wear and tear (extreme use is considered), damages caused by more than normal wear and tear. This includes Solvent spills, Ink, Paint, Body fluids (Human or Animal), Incorrect cleaning, sitting on arms and backs of the sofas or placing furniture outdoors in direct sunlight or proximity to an open heat source.

        3. burns, cuts, animals, or other forms of abuse;

        4. improper cleaning abuse and negligence;

        5. the application of chemicals, cleaners or conditioners not endorsed by Su Casa;

        6. corrosive materials, such as acids or solvents, or dyes, inks, paints, human or animal bodily fluids;

        7. exposure of the leather to direct sunlight, extreme heat, bright lights or similar conditions and, any resulting discoloration;

        8. acts of God;

        9. the handling and transportation of the product

      3. Wrinkling or natural markings, variations in grain, or colour variations resulting from the natural features of the leather;

      4. Cracking or peeling of the leather;

      5. Commercial, contract, rental trade, institutional or other non-residential use;

      6. Furniture previously repaired by service centres not endorsed by us;

      7. This warranty is void if the customer moves from the original delivery address;

      8. Our warranty does not cover packaging or transportation costs to and from the branch, or other repair point as determined by us.

      9. The warranty only applied to the original purchaser of the product and is not transferable

    4. Su Casa will only be liable to honour a warranty if:

      1. The customer provides the original proof of purchase (invoice or delivery note); this warranty is void without an original proof of purchase.

      2. Stipulated defects existed at the time of delivery and manifested during the warranty period;

      3. Defects did not arise due to normal wear and tear or misuse/abuse by the customer;

      4. The product concerned is used for the purpose intended and in a domestic environment (Unless the latter requirement is waived by Su Casa in writing); i.e. commercial use is not warranted;

      5. Customers duly complied with the care instructions and maintenance;

      6. Products are assembled by Su Casa or by the customer in accordance with the suppliers’ specifications.

For warranty claims, please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1 : Contact us to report the issue.

  • Step 2 : Further information will be requested (complaint form) to be filled out and photos to be sent via e-mail

  • Step 3 : We will review the form and will contact you. Should the form be incomplete, Su Casa will not be able to assist you.

    • The customer will need to provide the original proof of purchase (invoice or delivery note). The warranty is void without an original proof of purchase.

  • Step 4 : Depending on the validity of the claim we will arrange to:

    • View the product at the customers premises if delivered by Su Casa via our delivery service),

    • collect the product/s (if delivered by Su Casa via our delivery service),

    • or for the product to be returned to us for inspection (if collected by the customer )

  • Step 5 : Once the goods have been received or viewed our quality control department will inspect them. This can take up to 7 working days.

  • Step 6 : If approved we commence with replacement, repair, or credit/refund (our refund policy will apply). This may take up to 14 working days after approval

  • Step 7 : Should we be required to repair the customers product and it has been determined that the costs will be for the customer’s account:

    • An estimate will be provided to the customer for these services

    • we will require, in writing, authority from the customer to carry out the repair and acceptance of the charges before we carry out the repair

    • goods will not be returned until all repair charges have been received by us prior to deliver or collection

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