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Nicola L Shaped Recliner

Nicola L Shaped Recliner


Great space saver

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Nicola L Shaped 3 Seater Recliner Couch

The Nicola L Shaped 3 seater is a great space saver and comes with a chaise and console as nifty add-on.


3 Seater

1 Chaise
1 Recliner
Console with 2 cupholders

Colours available:
– Elephant Grey
– Espresso Brown
– Americano Black

Width: 2,500mm
Depth Chaise: 1,500m
Height: 1,050mm
Depth Single: 950mm

Our extensive recliner lounge collection features various different styles and shapes, ensuring that there is something for everyone.  Our fabric recliner couches and fabric home theatre suites will be your ultimate choice. Featuring an array of stock our fabric recliner sofas and home theatre suites effortlessly complement any interior space.

Shop our fabric recliner lounge suites to instantly complete your family living room. We know that every home is different and so they are not all the same shape and size.

The Nicola L Shaped 3 Seater Recliner Couch is meticulously designed and carefully crafted, our fabric recliners are extremely stylish and comfortable.

While style and comfort are vital, we also craft our recliner lounge suite out of strong durable materials to ensure that they stand the test of time. Crafted with a strong internal frame and thick density foam padding our fabric recliner couches are extremely sturdy and comfortable.

Not all of our customers have the same taste and style, thus we developed a range of fabric recliner sofas that feature different styled headrests, armrests, backrests and designs.

L Shaped Couches have become without any doubt the most popular seating solution around the world. They are functional and affordable, particularly if you intend to  furnish an apartment, townhouse or cluster.

L Shaped sofas offers loads of comfortable seating for your home and at Su Casa we have a wide range to choose from. Your choice of a L Shaped lounge suite will rely heavily on your taste and living room design. Whether you have a small apartment or a large living room, we have various sizes and styles that will work in different spaces and living areas.

Shop our collection of fabric recliner couches for sale, available in various colour options.

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Black, Brown, Grey

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